— Godfrey
Get the fuck in, or fuck the fuck out
Character Information
Known as Frey
Species Human/Animatronic
Gender Male
Color Short dirty blond hair

Brown eyes (while human)

Occupation N/A
Starting location Basically anywhere, normally cellar or dining area
Status Alive

Godfrey is a human, and probably one of the only ones that can walk around the place without instant death. He is quite an asshole, and it will be expected for him to insult you in some way when you speak to him, but you would expect that from a single man living in a cellar of a pizza place. He was created by Godfrey Animatronic.

Appearance Edit

To be added

Locations Edit

He lives in the cellar and doesn't really come out unless you really piss him off, what happens then will be elaborated later.

Behavior Edit

He does not in any way come towards the office unless you piss him off a lot (Open/close your doors rapidly) when that happens he will head for the office, if you shut the door, he will go away and not attempt again, if he does get you then he will grab you and throw you at the nearest animatronic.

History Edit

To be added.

Other Facts Edit

  • He once cut his forehead, put LSD over the cut, held it up with a bandanna and played the guitar, Jimi Hendrix style.
  • Did I mention he's an asshole?
  • He voice is that of Malcolm Tucker from In The Loop and The Thick Of It.
  • Now he has a generic Russian voice.
  • He has a shipping wall in a very secret compartment of the cellar and manages all the relationships there, but dun tell anybody.  
  • Cellar is gone, so, that's not a thing anymore. 

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