Golden Forge

aka The Chef's Special

  • I live in UNDER DA SEA
  • I was born on June 19
  • My occupation is Cooking my own kind
  • I am a Lobster
  • Golden Forge

    I have three RP Characters for this Wiki, but I don't have any good photos to match it all up. This is a request if anybody out there can draw a decent picture depicting these RP Characters. Doesn't have to be the best drawing EVER, but I need it to at least look good, and accurate to the RP characters. Here they are:

    General Cod McFish: A Blue Tuna animatronic in a green General suit. He has fins on the back, and gills near the neck. His arms look like fins, and he wields a Colt pistol. His legs look like a tail, with the ends acting as legs. He also looks dignified. This one will be considerably hard. I may or may not be lenient on what I accept.

    FR3D-TP: A Claptrap unit with a few edits. He is brown, with Freddy's hat and a mike. His eye …

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