• TheUnrealPanda

    Anybody there?!?

    March 21, 2015 by TheUnrealPanda

    So...uhh hey guys, is anybody still using this wiki? I never see anyone on chat anymore (or maybe I never get on at the right time) so anyway...are you guys still here?!?

    ~Steve da ghost

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  • TheUnrealPanda

    Uhh....Ello I'm Steve, and I made 'dis' blog for all you lovely people to ask me some I made rules but there's only two and I hope ya'll follow dem Also, you can ask nether my RP guy or me

    - Do not ask anything TOO personal like... "Wats your real name?" I ain't doing that, we'll just always call me Steve -DO NOT!!!! Ask me anything sexual such as "are you a virgin?" Please do not do this!!!

    Good examples! (And my answers) -"what kinda guitar do ya play?" Acoustic or telecaster -"do you own any pets?" Yes, 3 cats -"what's your favorite game?" Halo

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